"Elephants on parade"   This Wyoming picture is just a couple miles north of the border, south of Laramie. How purple can you get? Click here for a larger view!"Afterglow."  The hunt is over.  Now it's time to enjoy the fireworks.  Click here for a better view (you DO want this Wyoming picture on your wall, DON'T YOU?)Wyoming Photography / Wyoming pictures by Grabo': "Devil on the Windowsill"...  No trick photography here:  I really  DID photograph Devil's Tower through this window.  Devil's Tower National Monument, October.  Click here for close-up.Wyoming Photography / Yellowstone Park Photography by Stephen J. Grabowski. "Old Faithful."   Distinctively Wyoming, this photo shows Old Faithful letting off steam.  Is it angry, or just showing off for you?  Zoom in and enjoy Yellowstone National Park with my Wyoming pictures!  Just click here!Wyoming pictures / Wyoming mountain photography by Grabo' "Snowy Flowers."   Photograph of Wyoming's towering Snowy Range, west of Laramie, with gorgeous wildflowers.  Perfect for daydreaming in your high-rise office - just click to get more info.Wyoming Photography by Grabo / Wyoming mountain photography; "Lake Marie - Falls."   Wyoming art designed to make you want to dip your feet in the rushing water.  Wyoming picture depicts the rapids,  Lake Marie, and the Snowy Range in the  Medicine Bow National Forest.Big Wyoming Photography by Grabo' (a one-man Wyoming Chamber of Commerce!) / Grand Teton National Park Photography: "Mt. Moran."   I love to photograph Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  My wife thinks this is the perfect calendar image.  Grand Teton National Park, July.  My Wyoming pictures make great gifts!Snowy Range, Wyoming photography: "On Top of the World."   Wyoming picture of the Snowy Range, near Centennial.  This sheer granite face knows no summer.  Add trees, snow, blue sky, and green grass - a feast for your eyes, and your guests' eyes!  Click to view this Spectacular Wyoming Photography up close.Wyoming Photography by Steve Grabowski / Vedauwoo photography: "Vedaublue."   This Wyoming picture is a study in sheer contrast - the soaring rocks of Vedauwoo against a deep blue sky.  Between Laramie and Cheyenne, Wyoming.Wyoming Photography by Grabo' - Spectacular Wyoming sunset photography: "Gold in Them Thar Hills".  Nothing beats the golden glow of a Wyoming sunset south of Laramie,  Wyoming.  I froze this one in time, just so YOU could enlarge it.  Time to relax and enjoy some Wyoming pictures - click HERE.Wyoming Photography by Steve Grabowski / Wyoming pictures:  "The Devil's Toothpicks."  Not your average photograph of Devil's Tower, Wyoming.  The focus is on the icicles in the foreground.   This one will cool you off in the dog days of summer.  It calls out, "Hang me on your wall - please?Wyoming Photography by Steve Grabowski / Vedauwoo photography: "Autumn, Nautilus Rock"    This Wyoming photography depicts a place called Vedauwoo,  between Laramie and Cheyenne.  Savor its sheer granite faces, and its bright fall colors.  Put it in your waiting room to soothe  and calm your patients or clients.Wyoming Photography by Grabo' / Wyoming mountain photography:"Cathedral of the Clouds"  One of my favorite places to worship --  The majestic Snowy Range, between Centennial and Saratoga, Wyoming, with its head in the clouds.  (How tall ARE they? - Nobody knows!)  This Wyoming picture was photographed on a foggy day in August by Grabo', nature photographer."In the Grass."   Wyoming Photography by Grabo' / Wyoming wildlife photography: These awesome Wyoming elk, all in velvet, are chewing their food just like their momma told them to!  see them close up, through the blades of grass.  Shhhhhhhh - don't scare them! - just click here to zoom in on this authentic Wyoming picture!Wyoming photography by Grabo' / Devil's Tower Photography: "Devil in the Trees"...   This Wyoming Photograph features Devil's tower with its feet in the trees and its head in the clouds.  Perfect for your den or office.  Devil's Tower National Monument.  Want to know more? Click the thumbnail!Ligntning photography / Laramie, Wyoming pictures: "Lightning, LaBonte Lake."   Magnificent lightning photograph reflected in water.  Stars, thunderhead, city lights.  This one gets more rave reviews than any other image I have ever taken.  Click here to get the "big picture!"Wyoming Photography / Devil's Tower photography: "the Devil in October."   A Grabo' photographic image of Devil's Tower with rocks, ice, and snow.  Very refreshing.  Indulge yourself.  Buy one of my Wyoming pictures. (That's an order!)  Click here for more...Wyoming Photography by Grabo' / Vedauwoo photography: "Through the Hole."   Peeking between two massive boulders during a picnic, I captured this amazing, contrasty image at Vedauwoo, a granite fairyland east of Laramie.  Click here and enjoy it with me!Wyoming Photography / Yelowstone Park Photography. "The Eagle has Landed."   With unbelievable ferocity, the Yellowstone River plunges over this towering cliff, churning and boiling endlessly.  Hear the roar - feel the mist touch your forehead.  Hang Grabo's Wyoming pictures on your wall.Yellowstone photography by Grabo',Wyoming's photographer! "Wood & Water."   This is my best-seller.  This is the essence of Big Wyoming:  Life and death, near and far, a thundering waterfall.  Yellowstone National Park Photography. You must see this one - it's only a click away, along with more Wyoming pictures.

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Have you ever wished you could visit these places in Wild, Wooly Wyoming? Well, you can. With my Wyoming pictures in your home, you can bask in the sunshine above timberline next to the summer snowdrift, listening to the elk bugle just below you.

Watch those antelope play their games on the prairie, and the setting sun turn the entire sky on fire. Imagine yourself fishing, all alone, in a lake so high in the Rockies, that your watch and your cell phone completely lose their relevance.

If you hang my Wyoming photography in your office, you can listen to the roar of the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone, and imagine the fine mist kissing your forehead. (And... by the way, what's a serene client worth to you - one relaxing in your waiting room instead of seething?)

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