“Devil on the Windowsill”

copyright 2001, Grabo'

I get so tired of the same old picture taken from the side of the road. I’ve seen postcards of the magnificent Devil’s Tower which made it look as appealing as a fire plug on the desert (and I’ve actually seen tourists buy those pictures!). I thought this view was a little more original.

Actually, this astounding landmark existed for thousands of years before Richard Dreyfuss frustrated his wife (convincingly played by Terri Garr) by trying to build one out of concrete and mashed potatoes in her kitchen in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The movie really popularized the Tower, but it has been a real gem all along.

Devil’s Tower, the world’s first national monument, is believed to be the remaining core of a since-eroded-away volcano.

Ocotober, early 1980’s, Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

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