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Laramie Photography / University of Wyoming photography:  Here's the ultimate in Wyoming symbolism:  a cowpoke ridin' a bucking bronc.  this sculpture, "Fanning a Twister", captures the wild, independent spirit of the cowboy state.  Sorry, large view not yet available.Laramie Photography by Grabo' (Stephen J. Grabowski): This lightning photograph was  taken inside the Laramie city limits, over  LaBonte Lake.  (Some folks ask me if i'm a one-man Laramie Chamber of Commerce!)Laramie Photography: Grabo's Laramie Tourist Bureau brings you the UNSUNG wonders of the Laramie (Wyoming ) Basin.  This incredible sunset photograph was shot 23 Miles Southwest of Laramie.Laramie Photography / Snowy Range Photography - picture taken about 40 miles west of Laramie, Wyoming, near Centennial.Laramie Photography / Cheyenne Photography: Picture of Vedauwoo,  between Laramie, and Cheyenne, Wyoming, by Stephen J. Grabowski, Wyoming nature photographer.Laramie Photography / Saratoga Photography: Lake Marie / Snowy Range photography.  This beautiful lake and falls are about 45 miles west of Laramie, near centennial.  Like to dip your feet in the water?  Click here!Laramie Photography: These beautiful bull elk, all in velvet, were in the Laramie mountains.  You can order this photograph to grace your den or office from!  Click thumbnail for a better view!Laramie Photography: This gorgeous Wyoming sunset happened 23 miles from Laramie.  Wouldn't this image look great in your study?  Click for a closer look.  But be careful, you just might get attatched to it!Cheyenne Photography / Vedauwoo Photography / Laramie photography: These beautiful autumn colors and towering granite boulders are between Laramie and Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Photo by Grabo', Wyoming's photographer.Laramie Photography / Centennial photography: To round out your Laramie tourist brochure, here's the Snowy Range, about 42  miles west of Laramie, Wyoming near Centennial, photographed by Stephen J. Grabowski (Grabo'), Laramie's photographer.Laramie area Photography / Cheyenne Photography / Vedauwoo photography.  This picture was taken about 18 Miles east of Laramie (30 miles west of Cheyenne)  at Vedauwoo.Laramie Photography by Grabo' / University of Wyoming pictures: Modernistic architecture of the Classroom Building by night, University of Wyoming Campus, Laramie.  Sorry, large view not yet available.Laramie Photography / Snowy Range Photography / Centennial Photography: "The Cathedral of the Clouds"... between Laramie and Rawlins, Wyoming near Centennial.  Picture by Stephen J. GrabowskiLaramie Photography by Grabo' (Steve Grabowski):  This is reported to be the world's largest sculpture of Abraham Lincoln by Robert Russin.  It sits at the highest point on Interstate 80, just about 7 miles East of Laramie, and about 40 miles West of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Sorry, large view not yet available.Laramie Photography / pictures of the University of Wyoming campus:  Striking night scene on the University of Wyoming Campus by Grabo', Wyoming's Photographer.Laramie Photography: Grabo', Wyoming's photographer (sort of a one-man Laramie chamber of commerce) took this beautiful purple sunset photograph about 22 miles Southwest of Laramie, Wyoming.Photography from the Laramie Basin: Sand Creek Park pictures.  "Pot of Gold", presented by Grabo', Laramie, Wyoming's "one-man chamber of commerce."  This magnificent sandstone monolith (Chimney rock, also known as Camel rock,) sits astride the Wyoming / Colorado state line like a gargantuan survey marker.  Click the picture for more info and a close-up!Stunning Laramie Area Photography / Colorado scenic photography / Colorado nature photography:  Sand Creek Park pictures.  Just another lousy sunset in paradise, looking from Wyoming into Colorado at Chimney Rock, designated as a national landmark.  Between Laramie, Wyoming and Ft. Collins, Colorado.  By Grabo', Colorado scenic photogtrapher.Ft. Collins, Colorado photography, near laramie, Wyoming.  See the camel, facing left?  This rock is located about 25 miles from Laramie or about 60 miles from Fort Collins. Colorado nature photography / Colorado scenic photography.Colorado pictures / Ft. Collins pictures / Laramie pictures: "Around the Corner"  Picture taken between Ft. Collins, Colorado and Laramie, Wyoming.Colorado scenic photography / Colorado nature photography. My Laramie area tourist and information bureau recommends this area for a beautiful drive from Fort Collins or Laramie.  Enjoy these dazzling Colorado nature pictures!  Photograph by Grabo', Colorado's photographer.Colorado scenic photography / Colorado pictures / Colorado nature photography.  Looking for scenic wonders that are off the tourist route?  Then this is for you.  Just 25 miles from Laramie, Wyoming, on the Colorado border.  By Grabo', landscape photographer.


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