“Pot Of Gold”

Colorado pictures / Colorado geological formations:  How fortunate I was to live here when this happened!  This can hang on your wall for about the price of a pair of tennis shoes.  And  it will last longer and give you and your guests more pleasure!  Why not indulge yourself?  (Colorado photography / pictures of Colorado)
copyright 2001, Grabo'

This is my pride and joy — my trademark photograph. Camel Rock (otherwise known as Chimney Rock) from the Southwest corner. This magnificent monolith is orphaned from a long sandstone cliff, which was behind me as I took the picture. We lived in a log cabin at the time, just 1/2 mile to the left, in Wyoming , with a woodstove and no running water, and I’d say we were pretty close to having our first child.

This is the land of my ancestors. I sat in the front room of the old house here with my grandparents and listened to the old tube-type radio in the evening, just after the old banti rooster stopped crowing, and imagined John Wayne chasing the natives (or vice-versa) around this rock. I fished for pan-sized brook trout under the natural bridge and in the granite canyon just over this hill. Life was so simple in those days in the 50’s.

You too can gaze upon this, the beautific vision of my childhood — just order this photograph! Enjoy it — treat yourself!

Colorado pictures by Grabo’, nature photographer

Summer, Mid - 1970’s, South of Laramie, Wyoming

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