“Pot O’ Gold II”

Colorado pictures:  How fortunate I was to live a half-mile up the road when this happened!  I love the way the sky changes colors on either side of the rainbow, and the way Camel Rock (Chimney Rock) contrasts with the dark sky.  For less than it would cost to frame this Colorado picture at most local framing shops, you can have it , photograph and all!  (Colorado photography / Colorado geological formations / rainbow pictures)
copyright 2001, Grabo'

This is my favorite place on earth — Chimney Rock, also known as Camel Rock, which sits astride the Colorado / Wyoming border south of Laramie. The rock itself is about five feet into Colorado, but the hill it sits on straddles both states. I chased this rainbow up the hill from Wyoming into Colorado for at least 45 minutes, using it for a background for quite a few photographs. My grandparents homesteaded the ranch here in 1932 after having their 4500 acres foreclosed by family members during the great depression. Land in this general vicinity has been in my mother’s family since 1880, when my great-great-grandparents came from Prussia.

Colorado Pictures by Grabo’, nature photographer

Summer, about 1978, Near Laramie, Wyoming

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