“The Eagle Has Landed”

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Okay — So I haven’t seen Niagra Falls or Victoria Falls or Angel Falls in Venezuela. But it's hard for me to imagine a more awe-inspiring sight than the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River. Whenever I look at this one I can still hear the roar and feel the mist stroking my forehead.

Why the name, you ask? Notice the snowfield, lower left. Does it resemble an eagle, landing on a branch, or swooping down to pick up a fish? You decide. Yellowstone was the world’s first national park, set aside by President Theodore Roosevelt. Wyoming is also home to the first national monument and national forest.

Special thanks to Carl and Mary Carmichael for taking my wife Ada, my son Stan, and me around Yellowstone on the weekend of the fourth.

Fourth of July weekend, 1999

Yellowstone National Park,Wyoming

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