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Dear fellow nature lover,

I love capturing on film this amazing place we call earth... My worst nightmare is that I won’t be able to photograph it all before I die.

This website chronicles the “tip of the iceberg” of my photographic obsession. Enter this site and enjoy these colorful photographs of the West - pictures of the West I love, and other places, too.

These signed and numbered limited edition western pictures are for sale. They're beautifully matted and framed, and they'll breathe life into your living room, office, or bedroom. (Please note: these are Signed original photographs, not prints or lithographs.)

I want to share these gorgeous places with you — I want my images of nature hanging in your home. Experience the same sense of awe that I did when I photographed these places.

Go ahead — indulge yourself — bask in the glow of a mountain sunset. Dip your feet in the glacier-fed creek with me. Cast for trout above timberline in the wilderness.

Lose yourself in my nature photography.

Imagine yourself savoring these places — without the strenuous hike. I’ve done the hard part for you. Just click the buttons on the left and marinate your senses in a sauce I’ve prepared, made from unbelievable images of nature gathered from the western United States and the world.

I take you to the famous places - and also to breathtaking places you'd probably never see without me as your guide.

Forget your job. You deserve a break from the stress of the day — just click these pictures and relax. Enjoy your free tour of my nature and wildlife photography — you’ve earned it!



Stephen J. Grabowski

Laramie, Wyoming

"Matterhorn and Hut at Sunrise" - In addition to pictures of the Western United States, you'll see the scenic wonders of Europe. Just click the EUROPE button to the leftOld Faithful-one of the most famous subjects of western photograpy, and Wyoming's most famous place."Red, White, and Blue." Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods.  Scenes like this are why I do western photography.  Come on in -  You've worked enough today.  Lighten up.  Live a little!Colorado sunset photography by Grabo'.  "Solitude".  This is why I take pictures of the west - I get to see scenes like this one, on the Colorado / Wyoming border. "Devil on the Windowsill" - Wyoming scenic photography.  Leave the realm of ordinary western pictures and places by viewing this shot of Devil's Tower, Wyoming and other astounding places! Wyoming sunset photography by Grabo' : "There's gold in that there Western picture!"  Click the Wyoming button to the left to see more."Conwy Castle at Night", A gift for your lovely princess - or your handsome knight in shining armour.  Hang this in your love nest, and then be chivalrous to each other.  For more stunning shots of Western Europe, click on the Europe button."Swiss Mushrooms". Okay, we have more than just pictures of the West.  Beneath an Alpine Glacier in Grindelwald, Switzerland, these perky little life-forms greeted my family.  More greenery awaits you in Grabo's FLORAL department - just click the FLORA button to the left. Any closer, and you'll smell his breath! Western nature photography at its most exciting! These elk were peacefully chewing their cud when I captured this.  Woudn't it look great on your wall?  See more animals in the FAUNA department.

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