“Bootham Bar by Night”


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Due to the many invaders and the many languages which have ruled in York, the streets are called gates, the gates are called bars, and the bars are called pubs. Somewhere along about nine days after arriving here, I began calling things by their right names... most of the time!

This is the Bootham Bar, entrance to the old medieval town of York, which was once the capital of England. In ancient times, the heads of malifactors and conquered invaders were hanged up over these “Bars” (see, I've got it!) as an example to all who would misbehave in the future. Now there is a juxtaposition of street-lights and walk/don’t walk signs with the aged wall. Notice the tower of the Bootham Bar in the background (read more about it in another picture on the Europe page).


October, 1996, York, England

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