In the Colorado Rockies, at 2 1/2 Miles above seal level, life's tough - but the tough survive, if only by passing the baton.  Hang this picture of Rocky Mountain  National Park in your study, and think about IT next time YOU feel like quitting!  ... Estes Park Pictures / Pictures of Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
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Life’s tough at 11,000 feet above sea level — and this old conifer proves it. But if you can’t hang on any longer, just sink in a root and come up again somewhere nearby — you never know, things just might be more hospitable.

Waiting for my photo processor to finish my commercial job, I decided to go up Trail Ridge Road (the world’s highest paved thouroughfare) in Rocky Mountain National Park. The road was closed at Rainbow Curve due to snowdrifts, and I walked another mile to capture this moment.

June, 1998, West of Estes Park, Colorado

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