“Purple Mountain Majesty”

These are the famous Maroon Bells, one of the most famous scenes in all of the Rocky Mountains.  Nestled high in the  Colorado Rockies, they literally take your breath away, any season of the year.  Here the beautiful aspen trees shimmer in the wind, and make a great contrast to the purple mountain majesty in the background, and the snowfields left over from the winter.  Adorn your home with this Scenic Colorado photography from Grabo' and WesternPhotography.com.  By the way, a friend will never forget you for giving a gift like one of my scenic Colorado pictures!  ..... Colorado mountain pictures / Colorado photography / Aspen Colorado Photography / Aspen pictures / Maroon Bells pictures
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This is possibly the most famous view in all of Colorado (with the possible exception of Pike’s Peak and the Garden of the Gods.) My son Stanley and I were spending a few days backpacking in the Maroon Bells / Snowmass wilderness near Aspen, Colorado, and the shimmering leaves of the Aspen trees beckoned us forward to the hike. We met up with a hailstorm on day 1, and set up camp just below timberline. We crossed the alpine tundra and an ocean of wildflowers and scaled a thirteener on day 2. The “bells” take your breath away any season, any time of day. They are made of crumbling sandstone, and are an extremely treacherous climb.

Colorado pictures by Grabo’

Aspen, Colorado, August, 1999

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