Photograph Size* Frame Type


Medium Simple Yes $99.95
Medium Gallery Yes $124.95
Large Simple Yes $199.95
Large Gallery Yes $249.95
Med. Photograph only None No Mat $59.95
Lg. Photograph only None No Mat $119.95
Med. Matted Photograph None Yes $89.95
Lg. Matted Photograph None Yes $159.95

Reflection Free or Archival glass is available at extra charge.
You may also commission an exclusive photograph!

A) Reflection-Free Glass*

For large Reflection-Free glass - add $30.00 to regular prices.

On medium photographs - add $15.00 for non-glare.

B) Archival Glass*

...lengthens the life of your photograph by filtering Ultra-Violet rays.

For large archival glass - add $45.00 to regular prices.

On medium photographs - add $30.00 for archival glass.

Other hints to preserve your valuable photographs: Never place your valuable photographs in direct sunlight. If you do, they will eventually fade and will be damaged by the heat.

For longest life, illuminate your works of art with lighting that has as little UV light as possible (consult your local lighting contractor for recommendations. Fluorescent lighting has considerable UV content, for instance.)

Do not hang your photographs in extremely humid areas such as bathrooms and enclosed kitchens. Also avoid rooms with extreme temperature or humidity variations.

*Non-glare or archival glass may add up to two weeks to
delivery time.

Shipping and Handling:

An old joke:

Q: “Is there a number larger than infinity?”
A: “Yes, infinity plus shipping and handling!”

A nice surprise: There is no shipping and handling charge at all* during our business’ 27th Anniversary Sale!

Please HURRY - take advantage of this before Steve regains his sanity!

*U.S. Postal Service - First Class Mail. Other shipping methods charged at our cost.

By commissioning a photograph we mean:

Primarily: A) The image may yet be a “virgin photograph” (not yet purchased AT ALL), and may be eligible for one-of-a kind purchase (you would have the ONLY print in existence*.) Bear in mind that I'm giving up the sale of many copies of the image you want. As the old saying goes, “If you have to ask how much this option costs, you can’t afford it!”

*besides my own personal copy.


B) The image may be unpurchased in one edition (one size or format), and you may be able to purchase the only print in that size.

C) The image may be a “virgin photograph,” as yet unprinted by us, and you could commission us to make you the first print, or a #1 print, or the only print. This takes a little longer than a print we have in stock, obviously.

D) Most images can be made with special luxurious mats, or conservation glass, or non-glare glass*, or special frames on request (at extra cost) if you allow adequate time. Actually, I find the choosing of the perfect mat and frame to be the most difficult and time-consuming part of the process of producing my art.

E) Image #1 (if still available) of any size of a photograph: $200.00 extra for images from 13x20 to 16x20, and $100.00 extra for images from 7x10 to 8x12 (size of actual print, not the mat.)

F) Perhaps you’d like me to take you to some largely unknown (or known) scenic wonder and photograph you and/or your loved one/s. Looks great on your wall at home, office, or den, or makes a great gift. I’ll be including a few images I’ve taken of my family and myself in these pages, for examples.

G) I have thousands more images. Perhaps I have what you're looking for. Please call.

H) Or would you like to hire me to photograph YOUR scenic wonder?

* In my opinion, non-glare glass actually detracts from the brilliance of most of my images. Non-glare does greatly diminish the glare off the glass surface. However, it also greatly impedes the fine details of many fine photographs.

For instance, I have an image hanging in a billionaire’s home, and my recommendation on that photograph was NOT to use non-glare. If in doubt, please ask, and we’ll give you our candid opinion.